About Me!


Hello everyone!

My name is Shayla Scates and I am the writer of this fun, girly, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, did I already say fun blog! My life is filled with all sorts of things: love, faith, music, art, fashion, and a whole lot more.

I’ve lived my entire life (well… almost) in Arkansas. I grew up in a little artsy town called Eureka Springs. I went to college at Arkansas Tech University and now I am living in the beautiful city of Bentonville, Arkansas. While I do love to travel (and would love to travel a lot more!), this natural state is home to me and will always be.

Downtown Eureka
Downtown Eureka
Downtown Bentonville

I recently got married to the most amazing man (don’t we all say that!)… but really, he totally is. Since we have gotten married, I’ve spent a lot of my time learning how to do all of the things the wives are supposed to do- cooking, cleaning, and…. well, learning how to share a bathroom. I have to say… I am really enjoying this wife thing. Cooking has become one of my favorite tasks of the day!


He is my best friend and I am so lucky and blessed to be his wife.

Anyways…. *wakes up from daydreaming*

I am currently in my first year of teaching. Actually, the year is coming close to an end. I’ve almost made it! While my job title is High School Choral Director, sometimes I feel like my “title” should actually be a 25 page essay- director, pianist, seamstress, accountant, mentor, mentee (i don’t know if that’s a word), trip organizer, nurse, public speaker, professional organizer, counselor, and my favorite- superwoman. Oh the many hats we wear as teachers.

I am a new wife, a new teacher, and pretty much I am new to “life” as I am only in my mid twenties. There is never a dull moment these days… but I prefer it that way 😉

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