First Impression: Loving Tan

Laying out by the pool to catch some extra rays is not as popular as it once was. We are becoming more aware of the fact that too much time in the sun will leave you with sun spots, early wrinkles, and can even lead to skin cancer. Tanning seems to be “going out of style.” This is coming from a girl who has spent way too much time in the sun. I’ve got to be honest, striving for that deep brown tan has been quite an obsession of mine for years. I was the girl who would spend 5-6 hours laying out by the pool covered in coconut oil from head to toe. I was the girl who would bake her skin in the tanning bed during the winter months. I’ve always known it was bad for me and tried to make attempts at finding a nice self-tanner or tented moisturizer. Those never worked for me. They would leave me orange, blotchy, or even worse… streaky! Even the ones that partially worked just didn’t look like a real tan and usually didn’t last long on my skin. Finally, after trying what seemed like every self-tanner under the sun, I have discovered a self-tanner that has blown me away! The other products that I’ve tried don’t hold a candle to this product. So, if you’re in the market for something that will give you that just got back from Hawaii glow, look no further.


The product is called Loving Tan. It’s a mousse type consistency and applies very evenly to the skin. I have the one that you leave on for six hours and then shower off. I believe they have a 2 hour express one now as well. There are three different shades to choose from: medium, dark, and ultra-dark. I have the dark one. Mine came with two mittens as well- one for exfoliating before using the product and one for application.

I heard about this product about a year ago from my favorite youtuber, Jaclyn Hill. (Shout out to Jaclyn!!) I watched a video she posted on how to apply it and her results. Her skin looked flawless so I made a mental note to remember the Loving Tan line when the winter months rolled around. (Summer was quickly approaching and of course I thought I had to have another summer laying poolside.) Months later, I figured I would give it a try because most of the products that Jaclyn raves about, I end up falling in love with as well. So I placed my order and a few days later, I received my little package of goodies.

I planned on testing out the product on a 3 day weekend just in case it didn’t turn out I would at least have a few days to exfoliate myself back to normal. I followed the instructions step by step to ensure I would get the full effect. I have to be honest, I was really apprehensive after applying it because it looked terrible! However, by the end of the process I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that my tan came from a bottle when it looked like I had spent a weekend at the beach. No joke!

The steps are pretty simple and I have them listed below. One thing though… if you don’t get the 2 hour express bottle, it is a timely project that will take up a nice chunk of your day. That didn’t bother me though, because that day I was staying at home anyway.

  1. Shower, shave and exfoliate. They give you an awesome exfoliating mitten to use but I’m sure using a loofa or something close will work just as well. I used the mitten.
  2. After showering DO NOT MOISTURIZE your body. Only put lotion on your hands, wrists, ankles and feet. This will help blend out the color on those difficult areas. The rest of your body should be left dry.
  3. Apply the product using the black mitten that also comes along with the product. It’s got kind of a felt/velvet texture that feels nice on the skin. You will want to apply this all over your body. I used the mitten and a big, fluffy synthetic brush (just a little tip I got from Jaclyn J). I used the makeup brush on my face, chest, ankles, and hands. It just makes it a little easier to blend. (I did test a small amount of this product on my face a few days earlier just to make sure it wouldn’t cause a bad reaction.)
  4. Let the product soak in your skin for at least 6 hours. I’ve heard the longer you keep it on the tanner you will be. I just waited the 6 hours as instructed. I used this time to just work on things around the house. I wore loose fitting shorts and a tank top because I was a little worried about the color transferring on to my clothes. The first 15-20 minutes, the mouse is still a bit wet so I was careful not to do anything that would smear my tan. After about 30 minutes or so, the product had completely soaked into my skin. At this point, I was really worried that I would hate the outcome. The color on my body looked great but MY FACE….. OMG it looked soooooooo bad. It was so brown and blotchy across my cheeks. There were a few moments that I contemplated washing it off. But I decided to leave it on and cross my fingers for nice results in the end.
  5. I didn’t use soap or anything during this shower. I simply washed my body with my hands while I watched all of the tan I had worked so hard applying wash down the drain. I was thinking I must have done something wrong because the water was so brown there couldn’t have been anything left on my skin.

After drying off I was shocked with the results. My face, which I had been so worried about, was the perfect shade and wasn’t blotchy at all. The color was evenly blended and was a nice dark tan shade- no orange oompa loompa! The tan lasted a good 3 weeks or so. I am so happy I have finally found a self-tanner that gives me the same results as a tanning bed but without all of the UV ray damage. This has quickly become a staple beauty product for me.


before and after legs

Moral of the story…. If you are on the hunt for a great tanning product, I definitely recommend this. (This article is NOT sponsored by Loving Tan. I just wanted to share my first impression to hopefully help anyone who looking for a good self-tanner.)

Happy tanning, everyone!


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