Books on my nightstand. What I’m reading now.

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books on my nightstand

I’m definitely not a person that reads one book at a time. I have different types of reading for different moods. I love seeing what other people are reading so I thought I’d share my current reading list with you!

grace for the momentGrace for the Moment by, Max Lucado

If you’re looking for a short and inspirational daily read, this is a great book to consider.

Max Lucado is a pastor and a writer. He has written over 89 books about God’s love. His message is simple: God loves you so let Him. I was introduced to his works when I was very young. I fell in love with one of his children’s books, You are Special.

It’s a daily devotional and each day takes about a minute to read. I love the way Max Lucado writes these daily encounters with God. Each passage has a new and different meaning that can be interpreted differently to each of us.

The preface gives a beautiful description of the choices that we should make daily. “I choose love, I choose joy, I choose peace, I choose patience, I choose kindness, I choose goodness, I choose faithfulness, I choose gentleness, and I choose self-control. To these I commit my day. If I succeed, I will give thanks. If I fail, I will seek grace. And then, when this day is done, I will place my head on my pillow and rest.”

After reading that for the first time, I begin praying for these fruits of the Spirit to be incorporated in all of my daily challenges. Just this simple preface had taken my morning prayer to another level. I find this book particularly helpful when I am looking for hope and direction. It is very thought provoking and a wonderful way to begin your day with The Lord (It’s definitely a morning read!).

Another great morning read (at least for me anyway) is my next book:

simple abundanceSimple Abundance by, Sarah Ban Breathnach

This book was a gift to me from my mother. It’s also a devotional consisting of short essays. And though I am only beginning month 3 of the year, this devotional has already gotten my creative juices flowing.

Sarah Ban Breathnach writes in such a way that you feel like she’s an old friend visiting and making warm conversation with you. She focuses on connecting spirituality with lifestyle. It is definitely a soul searching piece. For example, right now she is focusing on the unveiling of our authentic selves. “See the reflection of an extraordinary women. She is beautiful and radiant. She possesses a strong, healthy, vibrant aura. Her eyes are sparkling and she is smiling warmly at you. Do you know who this woman is? You feel as if you have known her all your life. And you have. She is your authentic self.” “Try to contact the girl you once were. She’s all grown up now. She’s your authentic self….”

I have fallen in love with Sarah’s six spiritual principles: gratitude, simplicity, order, harmony, beauty, and joy so much so that I have them posted up on my bathroom wall in plain view so that I can say them to myself in the mirror as I am getting ready for my day. Yes…. Sometimes I have to give myself a pep talk in the mirror. Who doesn’t?


Those are my morning reads. The next book is a novel and is something I carry around with me everywhere. Something I read throughout the day and on weekends. It is continuously changing because I tend to read novels pretty fast or what I like to call, “weekend binge reading.”

something blueThe novel that I am currently reading is Something Blue by, Emily Griffin. I just finished Something Borrowed a few days ago. I believe there are two others that she wrote that go along with this theme as well. These books are humorous, thoughtfully written and fun to read. There was actually a movie made after the first book— and for once, the movie cast perfectly portrays the characters in the book. It’s a girly-girl novel that I just can’t seem to put down. ‘Girl meets guy, girl likes guy, girl steals guy away from her best friend.’ You know, just your basic girl drama.

The last book on my night stand is something I like to read at night before bed. I’m actually not a huge fan of autobiographies but I do really enjoy reading this one.

It is Sam Walton Made in Americasam walton

Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart and this autobiography is the intriguing tale of how it all came to be. Sam describes his story with such enthusiasm and humor. After the first few chapters you become completely captivated by the drive of this man and his family. Since I live in Bentonville, Arkansas- the home of Walmart, this one kind of hits home for me.

So there you have it. That is my current reading list. During the last few months I have had time to read more and have forgotten how much I love it. I am always looking for new pieces to read so if you have any recommendations, please comment below and tell us what is on your nightstand!


Lucado, M. (2000). Grace for the Moment. Nashville, TN. J. Countryman

Breathnach, S. (1995). Simple Abundance. New York, NY, Warner Books Inc.

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