How I lost 20 pounds in 2 months without exercising.

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I am not good at counting calories or counting grams of fat. I can’t keep up with the calculations of calories per portion and when I try, it drive me nuts. A couple years ago, I was searching for a miracle diet that would help me lose about 15 pounds over the summer. I had tried and failed every diet or weight loss program that I came across- not because they don’t work, but because I couldn’t complete them successfully. I knew that I needed to find something easy that didn’t require portion control, counting calories, and….. exercise.  I needed to find something that I could completely cut out of my diet so that I didn’t have to keep up with anything extra. Something like a ‘just don’t eat this and that’s it’ type of diet. A few months prior, I had just finished a year of vegetarianism and it actually wasn’t too hard for me. (I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could be a vegetarian for 1 year. Not for any particular reason, just to see if I could do it.) It was simple, I just didn’t eat meat and that was it. I wanted a diet similar to this for the simplicity.

Well, I found something that worked for me. I refer to it as my ‘secret weapon diet’ because it works fast, is pretty simple, and I can do it anytime I need to shed a few pounds quickly. Short disclaimer- this is not necessarily a diet that will leave you with long lasting results because it’s probably not something you will want to commit to for the rest of your life. If you are looking for a diet that is actually more of a lifestyle change that you will continue to do for a long time, this probably isn’t what you’re looking for. However, if you are like I was and desperate to lose a few pounds in a short amount of time, whether it be for an upcoming event or just to lose that extra weight you gained over the holidays then keep reading.

I am about to share with you how I lost 20 pounds in 2 months without any exercise.

I actually ended up losing 30 pounds within 6 months. After reaching my goal weight, I decided to keep up with the diet but let up a little bit. So as I did continue to lose weight, it was just at a much slower pace. I started off slowly with this diet and after I saw the first 10 pounds come off, I decided to turn it up a notch.

The diet started as a low carb diet and then quickly turned into a no carb diet after I was blown away with the quick results. Now, I know what you’re thinking….. how can anyone be happy on a diet without eating any pasta or bread? As Oprah likes to say, “I love bread!” and I do too! Like I said, this isn’t really a diet that you will likely want to continue for the long term. BUT….. it works!

I had about 2 months left of summer before I would move back into my apartment where I attended college. I had gained about 20 pounds over the last year and was so fed up with it when I couldn’t fit into my clothes anymore. I wanted it gone and I wanted it gone before the summer was over. I decided to try a low carb diet. It reminded me in a way of the vegetarian thing because I would simply just not eat a certain thing- carbs. I am not one to count or keep up with grams per serving so I made it even simpler, I would just avoid anything white. I did let myself have a cheat meal or occasionally a cheat day but for the most part I stuck with it. I stuck with it because I was quickly noticing results!

I lost 4 pounds in the first couple of days. I know that was only water weight but it was awesome to actually see the number on the scale changing. It was motivation. Now, in the beginning, I didn’t completely cut out carbs. I had read that eating between 50-70 grams of cards a day was considered ‘low carb.’ Not wanting to keep up with counting those grams throughout the day, I decided to just allow myself to have carbs for 1 meal during the day and it was usually breakfast for me. I didn’t really even know how many grams of carbs I was eating in that meal but I figured that just 1 meal containing carbs couldn’t be too much. Lunch and dinner would be carb free.

After losing 10 pounds within the first 3 weeks, I realized that this no carb thing was actually working and decided to step it up a notch! I was so motivated by my results and those 3 weeks on the diet really weren’t very hard at all. I think that’s because with a low carb- no carb diet, you can eat AS MUCH FOOD AS YOU WANT- as long as it doesn’t contain any carbs. I was never hungry. And while with most diets you have to watch not only calories but grams of sugar and fat too? This diet requires you to only refrain from eating 1 thing. I know I have already said that multiple times but that was the reason that this diet was so easy for me. I didn’t have to keep up with anything. I didn’t care if something had a lot of fat in it…. *ahem… bacon!… ahem* I was allowed to eat anything other than carbs and I would lose weight!


When I decided to take things up a notch, I began not taking in ANY carbs. Well, the one exception was my coffee creamer. I’m pretty serious about my morning coffee and nothing comes between me and my sweet cream in the morning! Out of curiosity, I looked on the bottle to see how many grams of carbs I was actually taking in from my coffee creamer and if I remember correctly it was about 5 grams per table spoon. I would sometimes have two cups of coffee during the day so that was around 10 grams (maybe more sometimes) per day. Other than that, NO CARBS AT ALL. By that time, 10 pounds lighter, I wanted to keep going because I knew I would continue losing. And I did!

By the end of summer (2 months), I had lost 20 pounds! My clothes actually fit me again and I was so excited with the results! I was still very motivated to continue but since I had met my goal weight, I decided to back off a little bit and slowly incorporate carbs back into my diet little by little. By that time, I wanted to start focusing on eating healthier rather than just not eating carbs. I even started doing some light exercise a couple times a week. I continued to lose weight but at a much slower pace. I wasn’t concerned about losing weight at this point, I just wanted to maintain.

For me, this diet is a great jump start for weight loss. It works quickly (if you discipline yourself to actually do it) and once you’ve got the ball rolling, you can slowly incorporate healthy carbs back into the mix and focus on eating healthy. For me, ultimately yes, I wanted to lose weight fast and at the time wasn’t too concerned about just eating healthy. But after I was able to do that and got to a weight a was happy with, I changed my eating habits to healthier eating rather than ‘crazy diet lady eating.’

Just putting this out there, I am in no way a diet and health guru. I just found something that worked really well for me because I don’t like complicated diets. I wanted to share my ‘secret weapon diet’ just in case anyone is looking to lose some extra pounds before swim suit season starts! If you would like to know what I ate during the diet, sign up on my emailing list or click subscribe at the top of the page and you will receive a free PDF of meals, snacks, and extra tips that kept me motivated!

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