17 Easy DIY Ideas for Spring


Now that spring is quickly approaching, I have been inspired to add some fresh and crafty accents in my home. Check out these fantastic weekend projects that won’t hurt your budget!

1.Floral Arrangements with a Twist!

flower letter 2

Super cute idea! You could customize the frame shape and color and even the type of flowers you use.

I think this would be a really great wedding present as well. For all you bridesmaids out there, take note! You know the bride is excited about her new name and this is a beautiful way to personalize your gift!

Click here for the tutorial!





flower letter 1

2.Umbrella Wreath

umbrella flowers


DIY wreaths are all the rage right now. I don’t think I’ve come across one that is this cute, though! Reminds me of a spring time Mary Poppins!

I would probably keep this gem up into the summer months as well and just change out the flowers every few weeks to freshen the look up.

Click here for the tutorial!






3.Mason Jar Vases

painted mason 1

painted mason 2.pngMason jars have become a staple supply when it comes to DIYs these days and it’s no wonder. You can turn them into anything!

What a cute idea for a center piece or Mother’s Day gift.

This would also be pretty with baby’s breath. Click here for the tutorial!


4.Flower Stencils


paint with flowers

Ok, this isn’t necessarily a DIY project in itself but I just had to add it to the list. Why haven’t we thought of this before!

Click here to see the flower art ideas they have on babble.com!

5.Doily Table Runner


Now this awesome lady is crafty! Click here to check out her work!

6.Flowers in jars…. ON THE WALL

flowers in jars


This just might be my favorite. Again, mason jar usage at its best! What a cool way to display your garden pickings!

You could even paint the boards different colors.

Click here for the tutorial!






7.Tulip Wreath

tulip wreath

What better way to welcome the spring season! Click here for the tutorial.

8.Gold Foil Flower Pots

gold pots 1

Now this is pretty cool! You could customize and personalize your flower pots with so many different options! Love the metallic gold on white.

Click here to learn how to do this!





9.Birdhouses with style


Click here for the tutorial and other great ideas from Alice and Lois!








10.DIY Key Holder


This is awesome! Lollyjane.com has some incredible ideas and crafty projects!

Click here for this tutorial.











11.Painted Glass Vases


Ok, I lied earlier. THIS is my favorite on the list!

This is super easy and can probably be done with stuff you already have at home. And if not, you can get these supplies for really cheap!

While you could use any color of paint, this light blue shade would probably compliment any flower color. LOVE THIS!

Click here for this tutorial!




12. Hand-painted Pine Cones

pine cone 1

There’s a lot of pine cone usage in the fall and winter months but what a great idea for spring! Just hand paint these bad boys with colorful acrylic paint, stack them in a nice bowl (or even a big glass vase!) and voila! You have yourself a cute centerpiece!

ping cone 2

Click here for more tips and tricks!

13.Yarn + Bottle Vases

yarn vases                                                         yarn vases 2

Click here for the tutorial!

14.Cute Switch Plates

light switch.png

This is a creative way to add some extra flair to boring light switch plates. Click here for the tutorial and other cool designs!

15.Yarn Wall Art

love yarn

Awesome wall accents made from cardboard and yarn. Diycandy.com has some great and super simple ideas! Click here for more.

16.Clip board Organization

clip boards

I absolutely love this idea. I’m all about finding creative ways to stay organized. Customize your clipboards with fabric, book colors, or even washi tape and then hang them above your desk. Genius!

Click here for more tips!

17.Chic Paper Rosette Backdrop

paper art

And to finish off our list, this incredibly fancy (but super cheap) wall art. You could make this design big or small and would look great in any room.

I think this is super cute for a nursery!

Click here for the tutorial!





And that’s the end of our list! What are your favorite DIY ideas? Comment below!

Did you enjoy these crafts? Visit these amazing sites to find more inspirations!

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