8 Apps You Need on Your Phone


Who doesn’t love a good app. I love discovering new apps that make life a little easier. These days there is an app for anything (“There’s an app for that!”) so why not take advantage. I compiled a list of a few of favorite apps and some really helpful websites that I love. The best part about this list? All but one of these are FREE.

Food.com Food App

(This website is also available as an app.) This is BY FAR my most used food app. When you first create an account, you can add all of the ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. Using that information, it will populate recipes that you can make just based on what you already have. Is that not the coolest thing!? There are also thousands of recipes available. You can search by category which is what I usually do. (My husband loves chicken so I normally browse chicken related categories.) They have recipes for everything: main entrees, side dishes, desserts, drinks, low calorie meals, etc.

Here is how I use this app to make my life a little easier: Over the weekend, I browse through recipes and find 2-3 new dinner options for the week. I select those recipes and click “add to grocery list.” It will then add all of the ingredients for those recipes onto a grocery list and subtract any ingredients that I already have in my kitchen.  I will then go to my “saved recipes” list and select a few other meals that I’ve already made using this app to add to our menu for the rest of the week. It then will add those needed ingredients to my grocery list. Next, I will schedule the meals for each day of the week. I have my phone handy when I am grocery shopping so that I can check things off on my list as I go. Once I’ve cooked a meal that is a winner, I can then add it to my “saved recipes” list to use again later.

Savings CatcherSaving Catcher

This little gem is found on the Walmart app or Walmart website. You can scan all of the Walmart receipts using your phone and it will find all of the competing prices for the items that you’ve purchased. If it finds a better deal at a different store, Walmart will reimburse that money to you on an e-gift card. I scan EVERY receipt that I get from Walmart and I like to let it rack up for a couple of months. Whenever I want to use the extra money, I can redeem my e-gift card.

Walmart Grocery Pickup Spark

This is found on the Walmart website. This has seriously changed the way my husband and I shop. You can order your groceries online and schedule a time to pick them up. When you arrive to pick up your groceries, you don’t even have to get out of your car because they will load them for you. We’ve also noticed that by using this, we save money. Since you are shopping online for your groceries, you can see the total of your cart throughout the entire process which helps a lot when you are trying to budget. It also keeps me from buying things I really don’t need which I tend to do a lot when I am in a store. I just get out my grocery list (the grocery list on my phone from food.com, of course!), type in what I need in the search browser and then select the item I want. You can also browse categories as well. Also, the website tracks the items that you normally purchase and before you check out, a list of those items will pop up just in case you forgot something. Well, I normally do forget things and so I find that list very useful – especially for our staple foods that we always need to buy.

Quick side note: Be sure you are reading the size in the description of some of the items you purchase. I once bought what I though was a regular size bag of dog food and ended getting a bag that was almost bigger than me. Needless to say, Mumford didn’t need any dog food for the next 9 months. Ha!

Daily Burn daily burn

When I first saw the advertisement for this workout app I was a little skeptical since this is an app that you will have to pay for (after a free 6-week trial). After my husband talked me into it, I decided to at least do the free trial. I am now in love with this app. I’m not one to go to gyms that often. It makes me feel uncomfortable working out with so many people around. This app is essentially a personal trainer in your pocket. They will customize a fitness track for you based on your age, gender, height, weight, goal, and your workout history. For example, I used to be very athletic for most of my life but then I didn’t work out at all for a few years and wanted to get back to where I used to be.

There is a daily workout video with your new personal trainer that is around 20 – 30 minutes long. My favorite part is that you can see how many calories you are burning in real time. You also have access to every workout in the program. Sometimes after completing my workout of the day, I would find some awesome Zumba, Yoga, or Pilates workouts. If you do try this program, I definitely suggest browsing other videos to add into your routine because they have so many different options. (The Zumba/Dance videos are a blast!)

Unroll Me unroll me

Using this app, you can unsubscribe to all of those annoying spam and junk emails while keeping the ones that you want. I have all of my email accounts on this app and I can unsubscribe to anything and everything that I don’t need by simply swiping those unwanted emails away.

Cam Scanner Cam Scanner

This one is super random but it has come to my rescue on multiple occasions. This app allows you to turn any photo from your phone into a scanned copy. I used this a lot in college and I use it even more now at work. You simply take a picture using your phone of something that you need to scan and it immediately turns it into a scanned document ready to email! Because…. who uses a real scanner anyway?

Poshmark poshmark

I am new to the Poshmark world as of a few months ago. A friend told me about this app and I have been in love with it ever since. It is a lot like Etsy but for fashion/clothes. You can sell your clothes on this site as well as buy clothes. Most of the clothes and accessories are lightly worn, however, you can find some great designer brands. The women on this site are really amazing too. I once bought a formal dress to wear in a wedding around Christmas time and when I received my package in the mail, she had included a personalized Christmas card and a cute little clutch. You can’t beat the prices and you can find some great pieces to add to your closet!

Wunderlist wunderlist

I love to list things. It keeps me on track and makes me feel like things are in order. Wunderlist sends you notifications so you never miss a deadline, forget to grab something at the store, or forget to send your send your aunt a birthday card. You can divide your lists into different categories depending on what they are for. I will usually have 3 separate lists: work life, personal life, and random to-do list. Once you complete a task and check it off the list, it erases that task for you so that you can watch you massive to-do list become smaller and smaller.

I hope you found this list helpful. Now, I want to hear from you. Which one of these apps might you try? What are some of your favorite apps?

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