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Which subscription is better?

This was the question I wanted answered to about a year ago when I heard about these crazy beauty subscriptions. Which one is better? Which one gives you more bang for your buck? Well, I am now a subscriber of both Birchbox and Ipsy and have been for nearly a year. Which is better you ask, well I’ll let you decide. This is a review of this month’s (July’s) goodies. I’ll give you a detailed listing of what came in both subscriptions this month and how much each product retails for.

For those of you that have no clue what I am talking about, Birchbox and Ipsy are monthly beauty subscriptions. When you sign up for the subscription, you take a brief survey about your beauty needs and routines. Based on your survey results, they will put together a monthly bag (or box) of goodies and send them to your door each month. Normally you receive 5 products and occasionally some of them are full size products. I really enjoy having these subscriptions because I always discover new products that I love. I’ve customized my Ipsy bag to mainly contain makeup products, with an occasional surprise here and there. I’ve customized my Birchbox to cater to my hair and skin care needs with an occasional makeup product. I feel like both Birchbox and Ipsy do a great job at sending me what I want. Here is what they sent this month:


Sea Salt Spray by Daviness

FullSizeRenderI haven’t tried it yet because I just got my box today but I’ll definitely let you know how I like it. It smells terrific, though! It’s funny because I have been on the hunt for a new sea salt spray. I’ve been using Beach Beauty sea salt by Sedu for the past 2 years and I love it but I would like to find something new. Hopefully this will be it! This bottle retails for $28.

“They’re Real!” mascara by Benefit

I actually already have this so I’ll probably be giving this away to a friend. While I do love Benefit, I’m actually not a huge fan of this mascara. Nearly every beauty lover out there has raved about this mascara for months now and for some reason it’s just okay to me. I do like the applicator and the formula is nice because it doesn’t clump but it’s not worth $24 in my opinion. Unless it’s gonna make my lashes look like Eva Longoria’s on the 2011 Grammys Red Carpet, I’ll stick with my Maybelline thank you very much.

Thermal Spring Water by Avene

This is a hydrating mist that I’ve been curious about for a while now so I’m really excited that this came in the box. It says that you can use it as a toner, a mid-day refresher, to calm the skin when it’s stressed, or it can be used to set makeup. It is between $9 – $18.50 depending on the size I assume.

Smoothing and Relaxing Patches with Soothing Cornflower by Klorane

I’ve never tried these little guys but I have always wanted to! They are little patches soaked in mineral oil that you stick underneath your eyes. Most patches like this are typically used to treat dark circles and puffy eyes. I’m not familiar with this particular brand but I’m excited to try it out. It only comes with two patches so this item is more of a sample. These retail for $24.

Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencil by LOCFullSizeRender_1

I am a huge fan of LOC and their lip pencil formulas so I was super excited when I opened my birchbox and saw this baby inside! However, it is in the shade Cupid’s Bow which is almost a neon hot pink. Now, I do love pink but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull off this color. We will see about this one. These lip pencils run around $12.


Ipsy Bag:

 Sedona Lace Makeup Brush EB13

I love when they add in makeup brushes! Thank you, Ipsy! This brush retails for $14.95 and is the perfect blending brush for the eye crease. I am excited to use this!

HangoveRx Replenishing Face Primer by Too Faced

FullSizeRender_6I love Too Faced and so far I’ve enjoyed this primer a lot. It is silicon free, which is a plus and it’s also made with coconut water. It is supposed to bring radiance to dull skin and make your makeup look fresh all day long. So far, two thumbs up for this guy! The one con is that it’s $32 which is a little pricey.

Befine Food Skin Care Night Cream

By far, my favorite product in this month’s bag. I had never heard of Befine so I did a little research on the brand and I must say, I am impressed. All of their products are made with superfoods and they are free of any allergens, fragrance, parabens, and preservatives. The line is also vegan and never tested on animals.  I have been using this every night since I got it. Definitely going to be a re-purchase for me. I use it on my face and neck before bed and I feel like it really locks in moisture all throughout the night. This retails for $19.95.FullSizeRender_8

Model Launcher Liquid Liner

When I saw this in the ipsy bag I was so excited because I am a huge liquid liner person. However, I was a little bummed when I swatched it on the back of my hand and found that it is a greenish blue shade called Emerald Isle. I prefer my liner to be black or brown. But, I really can’t knock it until I try it. It will be a little out of my comfort zone but hey, maybe green eye liner is the new thing…. We will see! This product costs $13.


Matt Moskowitz Eyeshadow by the Balm

Yes!!! Thank you, Ipsy! I love the Balm and am I huge fan of their matte eyeshadows. This shade is from the palette ‘Meet Matt(e) Trimony’. I really like this plum colored shade and have already used it a few times. It’s velvety and blends out like a dream! I will probably end up purchasing the palette soon. I’m not positive how much the single eyeshadow is since this is part of a full palette, however most of their singles are around $5.50.

I love both Ipsy and Birchbox and can’t quite pick a favorite. Birchbox never disappoints and Ipsy always sends new things that are a little out of my comfort zone which I like. I hope this review helps if you’re looking to choose one of these subscriptions. If you’re interested in Birchbox, click here to check out their website. If you’re interested in Ipsy, click here. And if you’re already subscribed to both, which one is your favorite?

( Just a side note: this post is not sponsored whatsoever.)

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  1. both of these are great! i’m personally leaning towards ipsy though 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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