8 Apps You Need on Your Phone


Who doesn’t love a good app. I love discovering new apps that make life a little easier. These days there is an app for anything (“There’s an app for that!”) so why not take advantage. I compiled a list of a few of favorite apps and some really helpful websites that I love. The best part about this list? All but one of these are FREE.

Food.com Food App

(This website is also available as an app.) This is BY FAR my most used food app. When you first create an account, you can add all of the ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. Using that information, it will populate recipes that you can make just based on what you already have. Is that not the coolest thing!? There are also thousands of recipes available. You can search by category which is what I usually do. (My husband loves chicken so I normally browse chicken related categories.) They have recipes for everything: main entrees, side dishes, desserts, drinks, low calorie meals, etc.

Here is how I use this app to make my life a little easier: Over the weekend, I browse through recipes and find 2-3 new dinner options for the week. I select those recipes and click “add to grocery list.” It will then add all of the ingredients for those recipes onto a Continue reading